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A Charter for European Women's rights

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A Charter for European Women’s rights

The PES is highly committed towards Gender Equality and dedicated a Chapter to it in its Manifesto for the 2009 European Elections. One of the proposals was to create a European Women’s Rights Charter.


A first concrete action in this direction was when PES Women called for such a Charter at its Annual Conference in December 2009 in Prague. Following the PES Women meeting and the PES Congress declaration, we established a working group, and continuously reiterated our demands to Ms Reding, Commissioner responsible for Gender Equality. On the eve of 8 March International Women’s Day, sheunveiled her plan, which happened to be a weak document without visionary approach, and, in addition, written without consultation of stakeholders. PES Women intervened for a more ambitious one by meeting President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, in Strasbourg in March.

PES Women is still convinced such a Charter should have bigger ambitions and made a proposition aiming at providing improvement on women’s position on the labour market and economic independence, representation in top-positions, health issues, reconciliation of work and life, and going much further in areas like sciences, IT, development, migration and environment.

PES Women continues reflecting on the Charter, its possible content and shape and will continue pushing for it.


To read more :

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Other documents
A Strengthened Commitment to Equality between Women and Men - A Women's Charter
, declaration by the European Commission, March 2010, FR

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