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Attila Mesterházy

Attila Mesterházy

Attila Mesterházy was born in Pécs, Hungary, on 30 January 1974. After graduating in Economics at the Budapest University of Economics (BKE), he studied at the International Relations PhD course of the Budapest University. In 1997-1998 Attila Mesterházy worked as head of department at the Prime Minister's Cabinet Office. He joined the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) in 2000 and the next year he started working as an advisor to the communication team of the MSZP Group in the national Parliament. From May 2002, he was the political state secretary of the Ministry of Children, Youth and Sport then its successor the Ministry of Youth, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. In 2003 Attila Mesterházy entered the MSZP national committee, becoming its vice-president in 2009. An MP since 2004, Mr Mesterházy was elected rapporteur of NATO's Parliamentary General Assembly's Economic and Security Committee, and member of the East-Western Economic Cooperation Subcommittee and the member of the Transatlantic Economic Relations Subcommittee. In 2009 he became leader of the MSZP Group in the Hungarian Parliament. Attila Mesterházy was nominated by the MSZP to run for the post of Prime Minister at the 2010 parliamentary elections. He was elected leader of the MSZP by the Party Congress on 10 July 2010.

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