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PES Council, Brussels, 24 November 2011


In 2011 the PES Council took place in Brussels on 24 November. The Council adopted three resolutions. The first resolution defines the process to choose a socialist candidate for the 2014 European elections. The Council General Resolution presents a roadmap to tackle the crisis facing the EU and the last adopted document sets out the PES Declaration of Principles.

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PES Convention


The PES Convention took place on 25-26 November 2011 in Brussels.

The two day event built on the concrete plans of the PES Council of 24 November by identifying the policy areas of the PES fundamental programme. Be it on ***A fair economy, ***Equal societies, ***A just world, or on ***Active democracy, the Convention gave clear direction for the progressive movement.

Most importantly, the Convention was a fantastic open forum for more than 2000 progressives from PES member parties, trade-unions, NGOs, PES activists, progressive authors, academics and artists to discuss, exchange and pave the way towards new ideas and a credible and fair alternative. 

***Convention homepage


PES Council 2011 - Adopted documents

Summary of decisions of the 2011 PES Brussels Council

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