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Sergei Stanishev

Candidate for PES President: Sergei Stanishev

Dear friends,

In two weeks we will all gather together in Budapest to hold a frank and constructive debate for the future of Europe and of our progressive family. The upcoming PES Congress will generate new energy to move successfully forward to achieving our goals.

Together we have achieved a lot since 2011 making Europe more social and democratic. By launching our idea for a Common Candidate we reinforced European democracy empowering people to choose the new President of the European Commission. The inspiring campaign of Martin Schulz was a real achievement reaching directly 12 million people through our 11 000 activists. The EU Investment Plan and the Youth Guarantee are a real turning point in conservative-led austerity-only policies. With its 11 Heads of State and Government that we have now compared to only 3 when I was elected PES President in 2012, our family is stronger and more successful today.

What Europe needs today is a substantial social change, fairer and decent jobs, justice and equal opportunities for people. We need to stand united for the progressive Europe we want! This can only be achieved if we become the largest political force in Europe by winning the 2019 European elections, by having the President of the European Commission from our family, by having more young representatives and women standing in elections so that we can finally change the political agenda in Europe. This is the vision that I have for our family. We need to start working on this ambitious goal immediately and act in a permanent campaign mode.

We need to improve and modernize OUR PES even further. To be stronger and look stronger and be persuasive enough to convince the people of Europe in our progressive and social vision.

Let’s do it together!

Sincerely Yours,

Sergei Stanishev

Sergei Stanishev's candidacy letter and motivation letter, and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)'s letter of nomination.


Twitter: @SergeiStanishev


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