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Christian Levrat

Christian Levrat

Christian Levrat was born on 7 July 1970 in Pont, Switzerland. He studied law and has Masters degree in political sciences from the University of Leicester (UK). He started working in 1996 as a legal advisor at the legal affairs department of Caritas Switzerland in Fribourg and became head of the legal service and spokesman of the Swiss Organisation of Help to Refugees two years later. In 2001, he was elected vice-president of the Communications Trade Union, and then became its president in 2003. That same year, he was elected vice-president of the Swiss Trade Union Confederation. Leader of the socialist group in the Constituent Assembly of Fribourg in 2000, he became president of the Assembly in 2003. From 2001 to 2004, Christian Levrat was president of the Gruyere Federation of the Socialist Party and since 2003, he has been a national councillor, member of the Transport and Telecommunications Committee. Since 2007, he has joined the Financial Committee and in 2008 he was elected president of the Swiss Socialist Party.

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