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Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest global challenge mankind is faced with today. Scientific evidence is overwhelming and indisputable. It is no longer contested that climate change will tremendously impact not only the environment, but also health, the economy and the social welfare of Europe’s citizens.

The measures required to halt the effect of climate change are already known: the emission of CO2 and other green house gases must be reduced drastically. In order to achieve this ambitious challenge, patterns of production, consumption and transportation must be altered worldwide. The European Union must lead by example and transform Europe quickly into a low-carbon and green economy.

To avoid devastating impacts of climate change, a binding international agreement to reduce green house gas emissions must be reached. Due to the failure of the COP 15 Conference in Copenhagen, the EU must increase efforts to spearhead the process of convincing partner countries to adopt ambitious national targets and to agree on an international accord at the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. The EU and its Member States must be firm in reaching its climate change targets for emissions reduction, increase of renewable energy sources and better energy efficiency. A fair burden sharing between the developing, emerging and developed economies must be achieved and sufficient finances from public and private sources provided. Not only emission reductions, also the adaptation to the first effects of climate change must be addressed.


Further information and relevant documents:

PES Positions

PES appeal to Copenhagen, adopted by the PES Congress in Prague on 7- 8 Dec. 2009 EN FR ES

PES Discussion Paper: Reducing emissions from transport

PES Discussion Paper: Reducing emissions in the agricultural sector

PES Discussion Paper: Towards an international climate change agreement

PES Discussion Paper: The development dimension of climate change

Resolution on climate change EN FR ES DE

PES Initiative on climate change and environment EN


Official Documents

Communication by the European Commission on a post-Copenhagen strategy

Copenhagen Accord

White Paper: Adapting to Climate Change by the EU Commission


Background Documents

EU action against climate change, publication by DG Environment

Study on impacts of climate change in Europe, by the EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC)

Potential of green jobs, study by the International Labour Institute (ILO)

What we are fighting for
Read the PES Common Manifesto for the European Elections 2014

Our Campaigns

In some countries as many as one young person out of two cannot find a job. We are calling for a European Youth Guarantee as a way to tackle youth unemployment.

Campaign info

5.7 million young people are currently unemployed in Europe and an additional 1.5 million are forced into precarious jobs. In some countries as many as one young person out of two cannot find a job.

The campaign “Your future is my future – a European Youth Guarantee now” is calling for a European Youth Guarantee as a way to tackle youth unemployment.

Campaign Material

  • Toolkit (EN)
  • PES guide on youth guarantee (EN)
  • PES appeal for a European Youth Guarantee (EN), (FR)
  • PES report: Combating Youth Unemployment (EN), (FR), (ES)
  • Factsheet on Youth Unemployment among Women (EN)
  • Campaign flyer (EN), (FR), (DE), (ES), (NL), (PT), (HU)

Campaign Video

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