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June 23, 2015 6:44 PM

FEPS article: Greece and the future of the EU

Article published in the Financial Times: "In the final hour, a plea for economic sanity and humanity"

Sir, The future of the EU is at stake in the negotiations between Greece and its creditor institutions, now close to a climax. To avoid failure, concessions will be needed from both sides. From the EU, forbearance and finance to promote structural reform and economic recovery, and to preserve the integrity of the Eurozone. From Greece, credible commitment to show that, while it is against austerity, it is in favour of reform and wants to play a positive role in the EU.

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June 04, 2015 1:20 PM

A stronger Eurozone for a better Union

By Sigmar Gabriel & Emmanuel Macron – article published on 4th June 2015 in Le Figaro, The Guardian, La Repubblica, Le Soir, DieWelt, La Tribune de Genève, El País

From one border of the European Union – Greece – to the other – the United Kingdom – the European ideal is being challenged. It is no surprise, since the terrible crisis of the recent years has unveiled two key weaknesses of the European architecture. The first one is the end of economic convergence between EU – and in particular Eurozone – countries. This is not a theoretical matter:
unemployment is the daily reality of millions, especially our youth which is being sacrificed. The second weakness is about political tensions: within the member States, where anti-European forces are on the rise; and within the Union itself. The Greek and British cases, for all their differences, show that European general interest and national interests are more and more seen as drifting apart from each other.

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June 04, 2015 12:51 PM

Making Europe’s economy work for its citizens

(Photo: West Midlands Police)Article originally published in EuObserver

In coming days, we will be given another opportunity to further improve the European economy and the lives of our citizens. Our leaders are set to discuss new steps to strengthen the Economic and Monetary Union when they meet at the European Council later this month. As Ministers of European Affairs of six EU countries with social-democratic governments, we want to see a courageous reform which will further enhance the EMU’s functioning and credibility. In our opinion, more needs to be done to ring-fence European economies and the European Social Model.

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