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Happy birthday PES Women!

“The Same Rights, the same fights!” a motto that embraces not only what PES Women stands for nowadays, but also why 20 Years ago the foundation for the PES Standing Committee of PES Women were established with the first PES Women President Karin Junker and at-the-time Secretary General Jean-François Vallin. To celebrate this occasion - on the fringes of another great anniversary -150 Years of SPD- PES Women hosted by Zita Gurmai PES Women President and Elke Ferner, President ASF warmly invite you all to its 20 Years Event.

PES Women President, Zita Gurmai says; “The past 20 Years of PES Women have been a real success; PES Women has grown in importance, visibility and influence – giving European Progressive Women a voice in Europe; going from the first meetings presided by Karin Junker, to the engagement of Fiorella Ghilardotti, to the punchy campaigns PES Women launched in the past years; My Body, My Rights; Gender Pay Gap Shut it; Say No to Violence, ... We can be proud of that! But today’s Europe is different from 20 years ago. The ongoing multiple crisis in Europe as well as the growing extremism, encourages PES Women, more than ever, to continue the fight and to make sure to safeguard the rights we have achieved for women and the gender equality we acquired and to perpetually try and improve this.”

Elke Ferner added: “20 years of female PES ‘womanpower’ and 40 years of social democratic ASF ‘womanpower’: In the year of the 150th anniversary of the SPD, this is plenty of reasons for celebration. Congratulations to the PES Women! Side by side, we have carried the feminist political torch over the past decades and often set the agenda. We have successfully pushed through many important women’s rights and policies, but our united efforts to eventually achieve full gender equality must continue: Equal pay, equal representation of women on all levels of decision making, sexual and reproductive rights or the abolishment of violence against women - all this has been and will be our common mission!”

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