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Hundreds of new Romanian PES activists join #knockthevote

Marije Laffeber speaking at the trainingAfter a spectacular show of force in February – with a major rally of 3,000 Romanian PES activists in the Parliamentary Palace - the PSD continues to gather more and more engaged citizens under the umbrella of PES Activists Romania.

For PES Deputy General Secretary Marije Laffeber, speaking at the latest #knockthevote training session in Bucharest on 24 March, this is a great symbol of hope for the upcoming European elections. “Organically the #knockthevote campaign is spreading all over Europe. Each new activist, knocking on doors and sharing his or her passion, means dozens of new, direct and personal contacts with European citizens. PES Romania has set a great example in their constant efforts to engage voters and inspire more and more activists”, said Laffeber.

“It is not by chance or accident that more than 7,000 Romanians have become members of the PES activists. They believe in a different Europe and they believe in Martin Schulz to lead this change for a different Europe”, underlined Victor Negrescu, President and National-Coordinator of PES Activists. According to Negrescu, the economic and social crisis, prolonged by the policies of the conservative-led commission, clearly showed that it is time for Europe’s progressives to take the lead and defend citizens.

Corina Creţu, Vice-Chair of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, underlined the importance of fighting extremism in the 2014 elections. “The European Union was created as an instrument for overcoming divisions and hatred, for stimulating growth and prosperity all across the continent,” said Creţu. She also explained that it gives her great hope, not only for the elections but also for the future of Romania and Europe, that so many young Romanians are engaged as PES activists.

The PES Activists didn’t gather only to talk, but also to learn how to boost their campaign. They were joined by campaign strategist Guillaume Liegey, veteran of the successful François Hollande Presidential election, who shared his experience and best practises through role-playing and self examination.

The ever-growing #knockthevote campaign is a clear symbol that the social democratic family is the only party to directly connect with voters all over Europe and bring their activists’ enthusiasm for a better Europe to the doorsteps of the citizens.

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