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László Kapolyi

László Kapolyi

Dr. László Kapolyi was born on 7 June 1932 in Újpest, Hungary. He is a mining engineer and an economist. He is member of various organisations: Biopolitics International Organisation; the Club of Rome; the Aspen Institute Italia; the Scientific Committee of Instituto de Empresa, Madrid; the Crans Montana Forum; State of the World Forum; the Scientific Committee for Studies of Bauxites (ICSOBA). He is also Honorary Professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy –Boston and member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA). He was Deputy Minister for Heavy Industry (1976-80); State Secretary responsible for mining and energy at the Ministry of Heavy Industry (1981-83); Minister of Industry (1983-87); Commissioner of Energy Policy of the Council of Ministers (1988-89). He is a Member of Parliament since 2002 and the President of the Hungarian Social Democratic Party.

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