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Leading Women: Candidate Cathrine Trautmann

Catherine Trautmann is a French MEP and a member of the Parti Socialiste.

What is your motivation for running for the European Elections?
Trying again to give a new orientation to the EU, after 10 years of conservative leadership and damaging solutions for Europe, the Socialists and Democrats have proposals to get out from the crisis and help people, this is the time to implement them!
●            How does the European Union impact women?
Though Spain under Zapatero was seen as an example for its law punishing violence against women, we recently witnessed with the law against abortion pushed by the PP that things are going in the wrong direction, endangering women rights.
The progressive forces in the European Parliament fight every day for a better Europe for women, to protect and develop their rights and gender equality....  This is what we stand for: economic and social protection in employment and career opportunity, equal wage, abortion rights, long-enough maternity leave for all women in the European Union
●            Having spent the last weeks on the campaign trail - what are your favourite moments campaigning ?
To meet people, to have a concrete vision of peoples' daily lives, to discuss with them and develop better initiatives to help them.
Hence, to some who are in a difficult situation, it is to explain how a change of the EU's policies could also change their own lives. But on the other hand, it is also nice to see that even in times of crises, there are also success stories, where EU funding goes into interesting, innovative, useful projects.
●            What has your personal experience been with common candidate Martin Schulz?
Long story! I was already an MEP when he arrived at the EP. I remember perfectly the first days he arrived as a newly elected MEP when we crossed each other in the corridors or sat nearby in the hemicycle, and now he is the President of the Parliament and soon the President of the Commission!
We have several common points, amongst which a keen interest for local politics (both of us were Mayors). We also share an ambitious and pro active vision of Europe, but also a European Union with efficient policies and which is close to people. And of course, Martin is a self-confessed francophile, so we have many shared memories of campaigns, events, or meetings in France too!
●            Why is this election different?
Obviously because by putting the Socialists and Democrats in first position in the EP, the citizens can also decide that they want Martin Schulz for President of the European Commission. This is a huge and decisive step in reshaping the EU and making it more democratic and more accountable.



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