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Martin Schulz Tour: One week left to change Europe!

The week ahead:

Martin Schulz will start the final week of his campaign in Munich for a Twitter Townhall Meeting on 19 May. Schulz will chat live online for 90 minutes to European voters, answering their questions and explaining his programme.

We have two TV debates this week; the first against Jean-Claude Juncker on ARD on 20 May, the second against the German lead candidates on ZDF on 22 May.

The last leg of Schulz’s European tour takes him to Barcelona on 21 May, Vienna on 22 May, and then on the final day of European campaigning he visits Croatia in the morning before closing the day at a campaign rally in Lyon with the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and all French MEP candidates.

He will then conclude with a rally in Achen, his home region, on 24 May.

NB - The International Trade Unions Confederation (ITUC) will hold its 3rd World Congress this week in Berlin. The PES is the only European political party committed to the fight for worker's rights and one of Schulz's top priorities is the creation of decent jobs and a more social Europe as he highlighted on Labour Day in Warsaw. 

11- 17 May An intensive week of campaigning, debating & door-knocking

Martin Schulz started his week in Brittany, France where he spoke to 1400 supporters of the Parti Socialiste at a campaign rally in Rezé alongside Jean-Marc Ayrault (12 May). Schulz enjoyed passionate exchanges with ex-employees of the symbolic Gad abbatoir in Lampaul, before an exchange with maritime professionals and scientists as IFREMER and a final speech at the University of Brest (13 May). Schulz then headed to Paris where he went head-to-head with Jean-Claude Juncker in a televised debate for French voters.

On 14 May, Schulz visited Verona, Italy where he attended a round-table discussion with local entrepreneurs, trade union representatives, journalists and candidates in front of 200 Partito Democratico supporters.

On 15 May, Schulz took part in a Presidential debate with all five common candidates, broadcast throughout Europe on TV and online. Schulz delivered an excellent performance, and was described in the media as "thoughtful and likeable" with "many of the best lines of the night."

Social media analysts saw Schulz as the winner of the debate online, with his #NowSchulz hashtag getting as much mentions as all other candidates’ hashtags combined. Schulz has been the clear leader in the online campaign throughout this election, and continues to reach millions of Europeans online in each week.

On 16 May, Schulz travelled to Forbach on the Franco-German border, where he visited a co-working space for cross-border projects and attended a town hall rally with the Parti Socialiste candidates.

On 17 May, Schulz was in Umea in the far North of Sweden, joining the Socialdemokraterne top candidate for door-to-door canvassing, speaking directly to Swedish voters in their homes.

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