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“My democracy needs…” PES Democracy & Society Network Photo competition

Post your picture and WIN a TRIP to VIENNA

The Summer is over and we are all full of energy to keep working for a more social and equal Europe. 

Following the electoral process of last May, the PES is very aware and concerned with citizens’ disengagement. For this reason we will be focusing on the enhancement of democracy as one of our main priorities. To stay in close contact with all of you, the PES has launched an Initiative “#MyDemocracyMatters”.

We would like to invite you all to participate in this initiative by sharing your views on how democracy needs to be strengthened and in which areas you notice a democratic deficit.

Express what democracy means to you in our photo and video contest accompanying this initiative. Post your picture or short video through our Facebook page (with the hashtag #MyDemocracyMatters included) and explain what democracy means to you.

Invite your friend to like your picture on our facebook. The photo that gets the most likes will win a trip to Vienna during our two-day PES Democracy Network conference in November (21-23).

The deadline for entries is Friday 7 November.


PRIZE DETAILS: the Photo contest winner will win a trip to Vienna during our two-day PES Democracy Network conference from 21 to 23 November 2014.

COPYRIGHT: You declare that you are the holder of the copyright; and/or authorized by the holder of the copyright to submit photographs and/or digital images to the Party of European Socialists.

PARTICIPANTS: People living/residing in one of the 28 European Countries.

USAGE RIGHT: You grant permission to the Party of European Socialists to use you submissions for the Initiative “My Democracy Matters” in various communication means, according to the Belgian Law 8 Dec. 1992 and its amendments on the protection of personal data and the art. 10 of the copyright Law 30 June 1994, and this for an unlimited period in time.

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