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Our working group against abstention meets in September

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Abstention is a cancer for democracy. It is the total indifference about public life and how our political communities are governed.

This is especially true for the European Union. The stubborn reality is that less and less people vote in the European elections and that the average participation is hitting historic lows around 40%.

Moreover, turnout in the European Parliament elections has fallen steadily from 62% in 1979, when the first European election was held.

Will the trend continue in 2019? What can we do to divert that trend?

That´s the aim of the Working Group on Revitalizing European Democracy, which will meet on 12 September in Brussels, chaired by PES Presidency member and Mayor of Oslo Raymond Johansen: “We must take concrete actions to revitalize the European democracy. We must extend the possibility to vote, simplify the action of voting and make sure that people can take part easily in democracy. But we also must learn to engage people, to gain their interest, especially of the younger generation”.

There will be discussions on how to engage millenials, how to move forward from the 'Spitzenkandidaten' process - which is a first step in the right direction–, and an interesting look into voting registration in the UK and the impact it may have had on the Brexit vote.

The Working Group first met on February 2015.

Democracy is the government of the majority...
...provided that the majority votes.

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