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PES activists Greece 3rd conference

PES activists Greece conference

PES Activists Greece, following the first two really successful conferences at Crete and Nafplion, are planning to organize a third PES Greece Conference during 07-09 of October at Thessaloniki. The conference will be organized in five main parts.

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Part 1. #PES4Diversity
A Progressive approach to the refugees’ crisis (workshops, conclusions from actions so far, open event and visit at a hotspot). PES migration network members will be invited to participate along with NGOs acting in Greece and European and Greek policy makers. Main aspects that are going to be discussed: The next day after the EU – Turkey deal, reconstructing the Dublin III to a progressive common European policy on Migration and Integration policies

Part 2. #PES4HumanRights
Along with PES Women and Rainbow Rose PES activists intend to organise workshops and meeting with local NGOs and LGBT clubs, discussing and promoting LGBT rights and the role of the women in politics. Main topics that will be discussed are Gender Identity and Gender Expression, same sex partners right of adoption and ways to promote women’s participation in politics

Part 3. #PES4youth
Workshops and Street campaigning on Act for Youth PES Plan. The conference will investigate modern ways to combat Youth Unemployment, ways in which Innovation can promote Growth and how to stop the brain drain of millenials.

Part 4. #PES4progress
Invitees include S&D40, FEPS and other progressive European and local think tanks in order to organise an event on the future of Europe

Part 5. #PES4NextDay
PES Greece organisational procedures & conclusions from PES Academy and the EYE event – strategic planning for future development and internal operational regulation (close debate and voting between PES Greece coordinators and PES City Group representatives)


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