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PES acts for freedom of media in Turkey, meets independent newspaper Cumhuriyet in Istanbul

PES delegation with CHP members

The PES delegation to Turkey met today in Istanbul with the journalists and executives form the independent newspaper Cumhuriyet, one of the few still independent Turkish media which is currently under constant harassment by the government. 

The delegation led by Sergei Stanishev met columnist Orhan Erinc, also the President of the Cumhuriyet Foundation Executive Board. The delegation extended progressive’s support to independent Turkish journalists in their struggle against the obstacles and threats from the state.  

The PES delegation also met representatives of the Turkish PES associate party CHP.

Earlier today the delegation from the Party of European Socialists was prevented from entering the prison of Edirne, where the co-chair of our associate party HDP, Selahattin Demirtaş is held prisoner based on fabricated accusations of a political nature.

He is not abandoned, he is not alone, our political family is in solidarity with him,” PES president Sergei Stanishev said to journalists in front of the prison premises, after being asked to leave by the officers of the Turkish police. The PES delegation consists of MPs, national MPs and other officials.

We will not ignore the violations of basic rights and freedoms the Turkish government is undergoing, this will have an impact in the accession talks of Turkey”, Stanishev said. The Progressive Group in the European Parliament put a debate about Turkey in this week’s plenary’s agenda.

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