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PES welcomes new members

The PES Presidency, in its meeting in Paris on 19 May 2005, granted full member status to its member parties from Bulgaria: Bulgarska Sotsialisticheska Partiya (Bulgarian Socialist Party), Romania: Partidul social democrat (Social-democratic Party) and Slovakia: SMER-sociálna demokracia (SMER-Social democracy). SMER-SD was born after the merger of PES full member parties ”Strana Demokratickej L'Avice” (SDL) and “Socialnodemokraticka Strana Slovenska” (SDSS) together with a third party “SMER” on 11 December 2004.

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President's blog

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The reports of the death of Social Democracy have been greatly exaggerated. The PES is back on the track of jobs and growth and calls for investing in European Youth

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This week, we European Socialists and Democrats marked 40 years of the Helsinki Act, which facilitated dialogue between East and West and brought a certain security in Europe.

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Over the last few days the PES has worked hard to tackle two very important issues. First of all the PES organised together with the Global Progressive Forum, the Socialist & Democrat Group in the European Parliament and the Arab Social Democratic Forum a conference on the refugee crisis in...