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PES Women President’s blog

PES Women welcomes the French law’s project on equality between women and men

I warmly welcome the commitment and priority of the French government, towards gender equality and women’s rights, implemented by my friend Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. Despite the current crisis that Europe is going through, France has understood that we do not need less but more gender equality when working on ways out of the crisis. 

Yesterday, during the weekly meeting of French ministers in Elysée, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Minister for Women’s rights and Spokesperson of the government, has presented her legislative proposal on equality between women and men, which will be debated and voted in Parliament coming autumn.

This legislative proposal, which gives a general framework to enhance gender equality in France in all fields and spheres, is based on three major principles:

  • Ensuring that legislation on gender equality which already exists is fully applied, especially in the professional field and for women’s representation in politics.
  • Ensuring and promoting women’s rights in new fields, in order to combat the roots of inequalities.
  • Experimenting new tools and actions before implementing them in law.

This ambitious framework reinforces the idea women’s rights and gender equality should remain high on the political agenda, unlike the conservative approach which uses the crisis as a pretext to put gender equality goals aside.

Boost gender equality and promoting women’s rights in Europe in all fields is our key to success for the 2014 European elections, as it was the key to François Hollande’s success at presidential elections last year in France.

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