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PES Women will be present at President Obama’s second inauguration

Preparations for the Presidential Inauguration on the US Capitol in Washington

After my last visit to the US in October 2011, I am on the eve of a new visit to the US. There could not be a better way to start 2013!

I will start my trip by going to Washington DC to attend President Obama’s second inauguration, as the European Progressive family wants to show its solidarity with its Progressive counterparts in America. I am also going there to learn from President Obama’s exemplar campaign, in which women and gender issues played a central role for re-elections, as 55% of women voted for him according to the polling data.

The PES is ahead of two crucial years, as 2013 will mark the beginning of our electoral campaign to win June 2014 European Parliament elections and once again lead Europe. After several electoral successes at national level, in Denmark and France first, and then in Lithuania, Slovakia and Romania, time has come for a political shift at European level as well.

As the PES will be the driving force of the campaign, we have decided together with the PES leadership that women must be our main focus. We need a strong women’s strategy to convince women’s voters and address issues which matter the most to women, such as their socio-economic independence, their sexual and reproductive rights and the combat against gender-based violence.

Focusing on women was also President Obama’s strategy for his second campaign and this had a very successful outcome, as we all know. The goal of my visit to the US is therefore to meet with engaged Democratic women and men, from the political world, but also from NGOs and academic world, in order to exchange best practices on campaigning’s strategies and on how to reach women’s voters.

Together, we will discuss how to run an efficient campaign, especially to speak to women; what issues should be addressed in priority, and also how to make sure that more women run for candidates at the next European elections.

I am looking forward to this new visit in Washington DC and meetings with my American counterparts. I will of course keep you posted about the main outcomes of the meetings and the electoral strategies we can transpose in Europe for the upcoming 2014 elections.

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