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Refugees and climate cooperation with China high on PES agenda

Sergei Stanishev meets with Syrian refugees from camp in Barelias, Lebanon

Over the last few days the PES has worked hard to tackle two very important issues. First of all the PES organised together with the Global Progressive Forum, the Socialist & Democrat Group in the European Parliament and the Arab Social Democratic Forum a conference on the refugee crisis in Beirut, Lebanon.

Some important opinions were shared there from both European Progressives and the Arab social-democratic leaders. We had the opportunity to talk to the women, children and men in a refugee camp and understand what their needs and hopes for the future are.

Also this week in China, a PES delegation discussed with Chinese leaders the issues of climate change and environmental policy. We all know how big the problems with pollution in some industrialised cities are, but right before the start of global Climate Change Summit in Paris (COP21), we talked to high ranking Chinese officials about the necessity of (and commitment of the European Social Democratic to) achieving real results to preserve our planet.

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