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Save the date: 2 October - screening of the film 'The Threshold of Desert' in the European Parliament

Before the summer break, I would like to announce the screening of an inspiring documentary on 2 October, which I will host in the European Parliament, The Threshold of Desert directed by Ramon Vila, which shows great examples of women empowerment stories in the Arab world.

This 18-minute documentary, which was selected at the Cannes Film Festival, raises awareness about the capacity of women as engines of development and social change in rural areas of the Arab world.

This documentary stars Aziz Najat, a Moroccan woman, who is part of the very limited 15% of women who are economically active in rural areas of Morocco. She crossed the threshold of her house, went out to work to generate resources and streamlined her environment. Her daily struggle for autonomy is an act of self-empowerment within a traditional Islamic society that predominantly confines women's roles and activities to the domestic sphere.

Join us for this premiere in the European Parliament on 2 October in presence of the director and the main star, as well as panelists, including members of UN Women, the World Bank, the OECD, the Anna Lindh Foundation and myself, who will participate in a debate after the screening.

I am looking forward to hosting this event; 'The Threshold of Desert' is a remarkable and powerful film, which shows the power of women across the world.

So, don’t miss it and save the date!

Wishing you all a relaxing summer break!


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