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Spanish Minister for Gender Equality Bibiana Aido reviews 6 months of EU Presidency achievements with PES Women members

Last week, PES Women held its statutory meeting in Madrid in the Headquarters of the Spanish Socialist Party, the PSOE, in Madrid, Calle de la Ferraz.

We had the great pleasure and honor to welcome Bibiana Aido, Spanish Minister for Gender Equality, who assessed the six months of the Spanish Presidency and its achievements especially in the area of Gender Equality and Combating violence against women. PES Women also adopted a Declaration on the same day in the frame of this year’s campaign “My Body, my rights”.

As Minister Aido reminded us, the 27 EU ministers have said yes to collectively addressing this problem. Concretely, it was been decided, on 8 March this year, to create an Observatory, as well as a European Help Line providing social assistance for women and minor,that are directly and indirectly victims of violence.

A text proposing a protection order has meanwhile been scrutinized by the Justice and Home Affairs Council on 3-4 June. This measure, which should ensure common and minimum protection for women suffering from male violence, was not easy to pass, due to resistance from the European Commission.Despite the fact that the Commisison had organized an expert meeting to resolve any remaining judicial obstacles, it could not identify an agreed legal basis. This has lead ot a face off between proponents of the Commisison’s person and those of the Spanish EU Presidency. Thelatter, backed by the European Parliament and 18 Member States, moved forward on the proposed text for a European Protection Order. However, Commissioner Reding argued that the current proposal cannot be accepted. Let’s hope this situation will be resolved so that we can deliver this most basic of human rights.

A European Trafficking Directive was also on the agenda of this council. PES Women recommended a sensitive approach to this difficult issue. Society does not want to be complicit in this practice, Bibiana Aido affirmed. Criminal networks have to be broken and the human rights of those trafficked must beprotected.

At the end of its mandate the Presidency ends will provide a Progress report allowing the trioka countries and the EU to workcontinue the good work established by Ms. Ibiana Aido and her colleagues.


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