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Tuula Peltonen

Tuula Irmeli Peltonen has been elected Vice President of PES Women on 27 September 2012. Her political career began by working on women activities in her home town and province in Finland. She is head of the local Council of Jämsä since 2009. 

After working for many years as the first vice chairperson, Tuula Peltonen has been head of the Women’s organization of Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Finland since 2011. 
Since the elections of March 2007, Tuula Peltonen is also a Member of the Finnish Parliament, where she is the chairperson of the women’s network. 

Tuula is a member of the Nordic Council (Committee of Culture and Education) and board member of the Nordic Cultural Fund since 2011. She is also a member of Control Committee of the Nordic Investment Bank since 2008.

Tuula holds a master degree in Pedagogy/Education of the University of Jyväskylä and started working as a teacher in 1996, then became special education teacher in 1998. She is currently writing a PhD at the University of Helsinki. 
Her favourite motto is “You gain nothing for free – you have to fight in order to achieve something and be humble to learn something new.”

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