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Waldemar Witkowski

Waldemar Witkowski

Waldemar Witkowski was born in 1953. He is currently a Chairperson of Unia Pracy/Union of Labour. Since 1985 until today, Mr. Witkowski was a president of one of the biggest cooperative building and construction societies in Poland called "Akademik". He is also a President of the Henryk Ciegielski Housing Cooperative. In the years 1994-2001 he advised the Polish Parliament on social issues. In 2000, he was a member of the Electoral Committee of Mr. Aleksander Kwasniewski, former President of Poland from 1995 to 2005. In 2001, W.Witkowski was a member of the Electoral Committee of the coalition of Democratic Left Alliance (SLD-Unia Pracy/Union of Labour). During the 2001-2004 legislative period, Mr. Witkowski was a Vice-Counselor of Wielkopolska Region, West Poland, and in November 2006 in local and regional elections he was elected as a deputy of this Region.

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