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PSE Femmes

Organisations de Femmes des partis membres du PSE

SPÖ Autriche
Spa Belgique
PS Belgique
- BSP Bulgarie
SDP Croatie
EDEK Chypre
CSSD République Tchèque
- SD Danemark
SDE Estonie
SDP Finlande
- PS France
SPD Allemagne
- PASOK Grèce
- MSZP Hongrie
- MSZDP Hongrie
Parti travailliste Irlande
- PD Italie
- PS Italie
- LSDP Lituanie
LSAP Luxembourg
- Parti travailliste Malte
PvdA Pays-Bas
- DNA Norvège
- SLD Pologne
- UP Pologne
- PS Portugal
- PSD Roumanie
- SMER Slovakie
SD Slovénie 
- PSOE Espagne
SD Suède
Parti travailliste Royaume-Uni


Socialiste internationale - Femmes (SIW) 
Jeunes Socialistes européens (YES) 
Confédération européenne des syndicats (CES) 
Fondation européenne des études progressistes (FEPS) 
- Rainbow Rose
Réseau CEE pour les questions de genre

ONGs européennes

Lobby européen des Femmes (EWL) 
- European Policy Action Centre on Violence Against Women (EPACVAW) 
- ONU Femmes  
Women in Development Europe (WIDE+) 
European Platform of Women Scientists (EPSW) 
- Black European Women’s Council 
International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) 
International knowledge Network of Women in Politics (Iknow politics)


Commission des droits des femmes au Parlement européen

PES Women President's blog

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On July 7th, the Estonian Human Rights Centre alongside with twelve other non-governmental organisations addressed a joint letter of concern to the Minister for Social Protection Margus Tsahkna, questioning the transparency of the selection procedure of the newly appointed Estonian Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner. Few days earlier, Tsahkna...

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In the light of 2015, the year for gender equality and women’s rights in Europe and around the world, PES Women organised its yearly conference 'Power to Women' with the aim of taking stock and contribute to the future of women's rights and gender equality - be it as our...

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It is under the slogan Taste of Freedom: Power to Women that the Global Progressive Forum with its Partners, PES Women, the S&D Group, Solidar and the Arab Social Democratic Forum (ASDF), wanted to mark its presence at this year's World Social Forum in Tunis.