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Young Candidate: Monika Hermannová

10265338_684321791604749_9093051779066458434_o.jpgMonika Hermannová is a young Candidate and activist from the Czech Republic.

Monika Hermannová

Age: 27

Nationality: Czech

Why are you running for a seat in the EP?


I believe that EU deserves to have in the European Parliament members who will try to find solutions to the problems that EU currently faces and will not go to the meetings just to criticize what they do not like on European Union.


• Who or what is your main source of inspiration?


The biggest inspiration is the very history of the EU and what the European Union proved in its history. Since World War II it has been helping to guarantee peace and security in Europe. These values we often forget. Their importance for our daily life is priceless. Therefore the EU itself is a source of inspiration to think about what we can still improve in Europe.


Find the interview with Monika here:


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